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Moving With Pets? Here Are A Few Tips On Helping Your Pet Adjust To The Move & Their New Home.

  • Set up your pet's space right away. Packing a pet essentials bag (beyond the staples of food and water be sure to pack their favorite toys, beds & blankets) will allow you to set up an area for them sooner rather than later.

  • Keep a routine as best as possible. Take breaks for feeding and walking each day at consistent times. Knowing that they will have your undivided attention amongst the busyness will help with anxiety.

  • Help them let out energy. Being introduced to a new area can increase nervous energy. Be sure to plan walks and play time so that they can release this energy.

  • Give lots of love & attention. Be sure to give both physical & verbal attention through out the day. This reassurance that they are still your fur baby will do wonders.

  • Stay home as much as possible. Once the move has taken place do your best to stay home with them their first few days in the new home. Knowing that you are there will help them know that they are suppose to be there too.

  • Be patient. Keeping in mind that your fur babies don't understand what is gong on can be key during this transaction. 'Accidents' in the home are not unusual during this time.


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