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To Do Or Not To Do .. 5 Tips On Selling Your Home With Your Toddlers In Tow!

First .. congrats to our returning clients Dan & Lily. When we first met them 3 years ago they were newly married with no children and searching for their first home. As they attested to .. their second home buying/selling endeavor was VERY different with their tots in tow!!

1) There has long been a debate on the removal of personal items such as ALL THOSE baby and family photos? Real Estate professionals and stagers offer up a compromise; remove some photos and keep a few up. An entire wall filled with family photos may be a bit much and too distracting to buyers, however a frame here or there may do more good than harm when done tastefully.

2) Declutter / streamline your children's play areas and toys by purchasing storage bins, once filled store the bins in a closet. This also holds true for items in general, less 'clutter' allows your potential buyers to focus on the home. Streamlining will also help to keep the home tidy for showings.

3) Have a pre-showing system in place. Make a written note of tasks that need to be done prior to every showing and then assign each task to an individual. Having a 'game-plan' in place will not only help to control the chaos, but will also provide a more pleasurable showing experience for buyers.

4) While adding too many restrictions to showings can shrink your buyer pool, it is ok to set up a few showing guidelines. Give yourself some time to prepare for showings by requesting a 2 hour advance notice. No showings after 6:30pm is acceptable as well. We all understand the bath and bedtime routine and the importance of keeping it.

5) While feedback is important when selling a home, don't take negative feedback to personally .. after all you are selling your home with toddlers in tow!!


Whether you are looking to BUY, SELL OR INVEST in Real Estate, let Team Wenrich guide you through your home buying / selling process.

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